Hey Driven Women Entrepreneurs!

Got the passion but missing the plan?

Turn Your Ambition Into Actionable Steps 

From Dreamer to Doer in 90 Minutes: With Vision to Victory, Take Control of Your Year, Your Quarter, and Your Next Big Win—No More Guesswork, Only Results!

Virtual LIVE Event

Tuesday, March 26, 2024 @ 11:00 a.m. EST

Vision to Victory: 90-Minute Quarterly Planning Session

(No-Cost for Business Genius Society Members)

You’re Not Alone, Let’s Turn Your Uncertainties into Unstoppable Goals! 


🔸 Doubtful Decisions: Wondering if you’re even on the right track for the Quarter? You’re not alone, and this 90-minute session is designed to clarify that for you.

🔸 Seeking a Manual: Looking for a straightforward guide to getting your 90-day plan done? Your wish is our command—in just 90 minutes, we’ll get you there.

🔸 Time-Crunch Tensions: Feel like you’re always busy but not necessarily productive? Let’s distill your efforts into a focused plan.

🔸 Lonely Journey: Convinced you’re the only one navigating this without a compass? You’ll find your direction—and a community of like-minded entrepreneurs—in this focused session.

Take The First Step To A Planned And Profitable Year

Secure Your Spot for Just $97 and Transform Your Business in Just 90 Minutes!


Virtual LIVE Event

Tuesday, March 26, 2024 @ 11:00 a.m. EST

Vision to Victory: Your 90-Minute Quarterly Planning Session

(No-Cost for Business Genius Society Members)

Discover the Game-Changing Power of Planning—In Just 90 Minutes!

Everlasting Clarity

No more sleepless nights wondering what to do next. Leave this session with a yearly plan that clears the fog and makes your next steps obvious.

Genuine Confidence

Kick impostor syndrome to the curb. You’ll exit this session with a plan that makes you feel like the CEO you are, not just a hobbyist.

Intentional Action

Replace that ‘hamster-wheel’ feeling with purposeful strides. Our tools will help you focus your time where it counts, so each day feels like a win.

Real Connection

Imagine a virtual room full of women entrepreneurs who get it. Share your dreams and fears, and get ready to grow together.

True Peace of Mind

The weight of ‘what next?’ will lift from your shoulders. With your detailed annual plan, you’ll know exactly where you’re going—and how to get there

Okay, Imagine We’re Sippin’ Lattes at Your Fave Coffee Joint ☕

I‘d lean in, eyes all lit up, and say, ‘Hey, I get it. I was you a couple of years back—burnt out, clocking endless hours, and wondering if I’d ever get off the entrepreneurial rollercoaster. You know the one, right?’

But Here’s the Juicy Part 🍊

I set aside just 90 minutes. Yep, an hour and a half to get laser-focused on what I wanted my business to be, do, and feel like in the coming year.

And, Oh My Gosh, the Glow Up 🌟

🔹 Life. Got. Clear: It’s like someone wiped the steam off the mirror. I woke up knowing EXACTLY what to do.

🔹 CEO Vibes, Baby: My confidence? Sky-high. No more second-guessing. I OWNED my days.

🔹 A Gift of Time: Gone were the days of busy work. I spent time where it mattered—on projects and people that move the needle.

🔹 Sweet Dreams: I kissed those insomnia-inducing ‘what’s next?’ nights goodbye. I had a PLAN, and it felt good.

But Wait, There’s More 🌈

I even kick-started a brand-new business venture, and hold on to your seat—replaced my entire previous year’s income. All thanks to the clarity and direction from these 90-minute planning sessions. So, when I say this works, I mean it REALLY works. And if it can work for me, why not you?”


So, Here’s the Deal, Y’all ☕️

We’re not just talking about any 90-minute coffee chat. Nah, this is the coffee chat to top all coffee chats, my friend. Imagine leaving with the confidence that your next 90 days are not just planned, but are set up to thrive.

Sounds amazing, right? Here’s how we’re gonna make it happen:

What You’re Getting—Clear as Day 🌟

I’m all about that clarity, so here’s exactly what’s packed into this game-changing session:

🔹 Vision Tool Pre-Work: Before we dive in, you’re getting an exclusive vision-setting exercise. This is like tuning your guitar before the big show—essential and game-changing.

 🔹 Priority Planner’s Workbook: This isn’t just some throwaway planner, okay? This workbook is a beast—it’s gonna help you identify, track, and smash those business goals.

 🔹 Pop-Up Facebook Group: Imagine a tribe that gets you. For 3 days, you’ll have instant access to a community of go-getters who are as motivated and fired-up as you are. Yep, we’re talking accountability, encouragement, and all the good vibes.

 🔹 Q&A Time: Got questions? You won’t leave until they’re answered. I’m dedicating time for a robust Q&A sesh. Your clarity is my mission.

 🔹 Mindset Mantras: I’m hooking you up with a powerful set of mantras that you can use to reset your mindset anytime you hit a rough patch. Think of it as your motivational toolkit.

 🔹 90-Day Marketing Project Plan: What’s a boss move without marketing? You’ll leave with a clear-cut, actionable marketing plan to take your business from ‘hey, that’s cool’ to ‘OMG, how do I get in on this?!’

 🔹 90-Day Task Tracker: Because tracking is the new black. Keep tabs on your daily tasks, ensuring you’re not just busy, but productive.

If you’re sick of feeling like a ship without a compass, look no further. I’m the navigator you’ve been waiting for.

Let’s map out that million-dollar plan, shall we?

Virtual LIVE

Tuesday, March 26, 2024 @ 11:00 a.m. EST

Vision to Victory: Your 90-Minute Quarterly Planning Session

(No-Cost for Business Genius Society Members)

Today’s Price = Only $97

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Meet Your Maven: Tenicia, the Million-Dollar Business Genius

Hey y’all, I’m Tenicia, your guide to crystal-clear planning and big wins. Now, I know 90 minutes might not seem like a lot, but trust me, it’s a game-changer. And you’re in capable hands.

So, What Makes Me the Expert?

🔹 Stacked Qualifications: Not to brag, but I’ve got a finance degree, a law degree (and yeah, aced the bar first time around!). But that’s just my star

🔹 Proven Business Savvy: I’m talking seven years of growing a family business from ground zero to over 5,000 customers. I’m not just teaching this stuff; I’ve lived it.

🔹 Attorney & Certified Coaching Cred: Business Attorney and Hello 7 certified coach, folks. I saw a need for concrete, strategic coaching, especially among women of color, and I’m all in.

🔹 Legacy & Community: These aren’t just buzzwords for me. They’re my six pillars—inform, educate, inspire, community, business, and legacy—that guide my every coaching move.

What Fuels My Fire:

🔸 Guiding entrepreneurs to million-dollar legacy businesses. Yes, I said million.

🔸 The dream of taking Zoom calls with the beach as my backdrop. A gal can dream, right?

🔸 Never stopping the learning game. CliftonStrengths says I’m a learner and relator, and I say, ‘Yep, that’s 100% me.’

What clients say

Be a part of the experience

Tuesday, March 26, 2024 @ 11:00 a.m. EST

Vision to Victory: Your 90-Minute Quarterly Planning Session

(No-Cost for Business Genius Society Members)

Still Have Questions? Let’s Tackle Those Head-On! 🤔

“Wondering if $97 is too much?”

Hey, I hear you. But consider this: the insights you’ll gain from this intensive could very well be the cornerstone of your million-dollar enterprise. We’re talking high return on investment here, and, let’s be real, you’ve likely spent more on things that didn’t even move the needle.

“Already swamped and can’t find 90 minutes?”

If your plate’s full, that’s even more reason to make room for this game-changing session. We’re going to streamline your focus and revamp your priorities. That’s potentially hours saved each week. All for the price of just one Netflix binge session—come on, it’s a no-brainer!

“Think you can DIY this?”

Of course, you can always go solo, but why reinvent the wheel? I’m handing you a tried-and-true roadmap, saving you from costly mistakes and lost time. You’re not just getting abstract concepts; you’re walking away with actionable steps and tools tailored for your business.

“Been burned by workshops before?”

I feel you. The web’s a jungle of grand claims. But remember, I’m not just talk. I’ve grown a family business to over 5,000 customers and helped countless entrepreneurs with my certified coaching. This workshop is the real deal, and you’ll leave armed with tools like a Priority Planner’s Workbook and a 90-Day Marketing Project Plan.

“Already got a business plan?”

Awesome, you’re ahead of the curve! But this workshop digs deeper. We’ll transform your existing plan into a laser-focused, actionable 90-day roadmap. Think of it as your business plan’s supercharged cousin, complete with tracking tools to monitor your success

Our ‘Maximize Your ROI or It’s On Us’ Guarantee 🛡️

I’m  offering you a workshop that could be the catalyst for your million-dollar legacy business. To put it bluntly: the value far exceeds the $97 price tag. That said, I’m so certain that my 90-minute planning intensive will be a game-changer for your business that I’m backing it with a no-questions-asked, 7-day money-back guarantee.

Here’s the Real Talk:

Give this workshop your full engagement—attend, complete the Priority Planner’s Workbook, implement the 90-day task tracker, and be an active part of our pop-up Facebook community. If you’ve done all that and still don’t feel like you’ve got a clear, actionable roadmap for exponential ROI, just send me an email within 7 days. I’ll refund your $97, no questions, no hard feelings.

Think about it: what’s a $97 investment compared to the potential return of mapping out a clear strategy for a million-dollar business? The ROI could be monumental

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What exactly is this 90-minute planning intensive about?

A: This intensive isn’t just another workshop; it’s your roadmap to success. You’ll walk away with a clear strategy to guide your business activities for the year, including a 90-day task tracker and marketing plan. No more shooting in the dark; you’ll know what to do each day when you wake up.

Q: Why is this priced at $97? What’s the catch?

A: No catch, just pure value! Considering the actionable plans and materials you’re getting, plus my years of business and coaching expertise, $97 is a steal. We priced it this way to make it accessible for all ambitious entrepreneurs.

Q: What makes your coaching different?

A: I bring to the table not just coaching expertise, but real-world experience in growing a family business to over 5,000 customers. Plus, I’ve got the legal and financial background to add layers of depth to your business understanding. In a nutshell, I offer a holistic approach.

Q: How much time do I need to commit aside from the 90 minutes?

A: The 90 minutes is the core session. Any additional time spent engaging with the workbook, Facebook group, or task tracker is up to you but highly recommended for maximum results.

Q: Do I need to prepare anything before the workshop?

A: The 90 minutes is the core session. Any additional time spent engaging with the workbook, Facebook group, or task tracker is up to you but highly recommended for maximum results.

Q: Is this workshop only for new entrepreneurs?

A: Nope! Whether you’re just starting out or you’re an established business owner, the principles and strategies covered will be applicable and can help take your business to the next level.

Q: What if I can’t make it live?

A: No worries! The session will be recorded and available for you to watch at your convenience.

Q: How quickly will I see results?

A: The beauty of this planning session is that you can start implementing your strategies immediately. The pace of results will depend on your dedication and the nature of your business.

Q: I’m not tech-savvy. Will I be able to keep up?

A: Absolutely! The tools and platforms we’ll use are user-friendly. Plus, you’ll have access to our pop-up Facebook group for any on-the-fly questions.




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