Non-Disclosure/Confidentiality Agreement


Get your hands on a Non-Disclosure Agreement Template, meticulously crafted by an experienced attorney. It’s designed with convenient fill-in-the-blank sections to help you get things in writing – right now.

Safeguard your business strategies, structures, systems, and any other sensitive information with this one-sided non-disclosure agreement. Keep what’s private, truly confidential!

Here’s what’s in store for you:

A meticulously crafted Legal Template, conveniently delivered via Google Docs.

Easy-to-follow instructions to guide you through the process of completing the template.


The Unilateral Non-Disclosure/Confidentiality Agreement is a powerful shield for your business secrets. It’s like a trusted friend who promises to keep your shared secrets safe and use them only for the right reasons. This agreement ensures that the party receiving your valuable information keeps it under wraps, safeguarding your proprietary data or trade secrets. If you’re an entrepreneur or a business owner looking to protect your confidential information, this agreement is like having a personal bodyguard for your vital business insights or plans. It’s an essential tool in navigating the risky waters of sharing crucial business knowledge.


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