Coaching Bundle


Why Opt for the Coaching Bundle?

All-Inclusive Legal Protection: No matter if you’re offering individual sessions, managing a membership program, guiding a mastermind group, or teaming up with other experts – this bundle has got all your legal needs covered.

Efficiency in Time and Cost: Say goodbye to hefty legal charges and time-consuming document drafting. Our ready-to-go templates, crafted by a professional attorney, are easy to tailor to your unique requirements.

Elevated Professionalism: Boost your coaching business’s reputation with a professional approach towards agreements and contracts. This will help build trust and credibility among your clientele.

Peace of Mind: Run your coaching practice with the comforting knowledge that all your legal interests are safeguarded. This allows you to concentrate on delivering extraordinary coaching experiences.

The Ultimate Coaching Bundle is indeed the key to a legally secure, professionally handled coaching practice. Arm yourself with these crucial documents and passionately expand your coaching business. Rest assured knowing that everything from services and intellectual property to client relationships is well-protected!

Here’s what’s in store for you:

A meticulously crafted Legal Template, conveniently delivered via Google Docs.

Easy-to-follow instructions to guide you through the process of completing the template.



Get ready to be thrilled! Our all-encompassing Coaching Bundle is a treasure trove of legal templates, custom-made to cater to the unique needs of coaching professionals like you. This one-stop solution includes four crucial documents: the 1:1 Coaching Agreement, Membership Terms & Conditions for Coaching, Group Coaching/Mastermind Agreement, and the Confidentiality and Work-for-Hire Agreement. Each piece has been thoughtfully designed with an eye for detail to provide strong legal protection and crystal-clear understanding across different coaching scenarios. Now that’s what I call a power-packed bundle!

4 Contracts Included

Coaching 1:1 Agreement:($397)

Your bespoke coaching blueprint is a roadmap for clear, effective sessions. Ensure alignment with your coach on session structure, duration, and expectations. Stay informed with financial transparency and cancellation guidelines to protect your investment and time.

Coaching Membership Terms & Conditions: ($397)

Let’s dive into managing your membership: understanding what it offers and setting clear expectations. From resources to community guidelines, it’s all about value. Details on subscriptions and renewals: we’ll cover costs, processes, and member responsibilities for a seamless experience. Transparency builds trust and lasting relationships!

Group Coaching/Mastermind Agreement: ($447)

Group Guidelines shape your interactions for a positive and productive atmosphere. The Program Structure outlines your commitment levels, maximizing the impact of every coaching session.

Confidentiality and Work-for-Hire Agreement: ($217)

Safeguard your coaching methods and materials with intellectual property protection. Ensure confidentiality with a solid non-disclosure agreement to maintain trust and integrity in your client relationships. relationships.



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