Empowerment Hub for Women entrepreneurs

Feeling Overwhelmed and Directionless?

You’ve had enough of the guesswork and the constant questioning of what to do next. It’s exhausting to keep spinning your wheels, isn’t it?

Fast-Track from Vision to Execution

Swap the uncertainty for a proven pathway. My step-by-step framework is designed to elevate your business idea into a flourishing legacy.

It’s time to reclaim your freedom, command your time, and take control — all while building the future you and your family deserve.



7 Day Refund Guarantee


You are tired of…


Feeling overwhelmed by the financial aspects of running a business.


Feeling isolated because you don't have a supportive network or role models.


Second-guessing yourself due to negative attitudes from people around you.


Struggling to find balance as you try to manage all the roles in your business.


Struggling to find balance as you try to manage all the roles in your business.

Now you’re looking for a better way to accelerate your growth and say goodbye to guesswork.

You want to …


a master businesswoman, so you can transform your entrepreneurial dreams into a thriving venture.


a supportive, like-minded community, so you can unlock the collective wisdom and connections that propel you forward.


an unshakeable confidence, so you can build your million-dollar legacy business without compromising your well-being.

Join me, and let’s make those million-dollar legacy dreams a reality together.


In my own path to success,

I faced setbacks right out of the gate.

Nailing interviews and perfecting my self-presentation didn’t come easy, but giving up wasn’t an option.

My persistence landed me a role at GM, where I spent nearly a decade. But eventually, I knew I wasn’t living my true purpose. That inner nudge led me to take a risk and leave a stable job, just as I was entering a major life transition with the birth of my son.

Life threw curveballs at me—exiting an unhealthy relationship left me without a job and very few resources. But I didn’t let that stop me. I kept showing up, believing in myself, and landed a new opportunity as an Attorney with Flagstar Bank. Just when things started to stabilize—new love, a new business, and even marriage—I realized that something was still missing.

Despite helping my family grow our business to a thriving community of over 5000 clients, I felt a deeper calling.

but then

this happened

I began coaching women, both directly and indirectly and was floored when they started asking me how I achieved my level of success. These were highly educated professionals—PhDs, lawyers—you name it. I had assumed they knew all there was to know about business, but the reality was different. Most of them lacked a proper business education in entrepreneurship.

This eye-opening experience prompted me to reassess my own path. I dove deep into personal development, education, and coaching, and that’s when it clicked: true value comes from stepping out of your comfort zone and fully realizing your potential.

I’ve walked the path you’re on now, and I’ve navigated its twists and turns. Let’s work together to help you discover the same kind of clarity and purpose in your own journey.

So, armed with these insights and motivated by a mission, I knew it was time to design a solution.

That’s when I got busy crafting my coaching membership program centered around the key projects needed to grow your business.

Why? Because I realized it’s the perfect blueprint for tackling the unique challenges faced by entrepreneurs, especially women of color, who are striving to build legacy businesses.

And you won’t believe what I found out!”

After diving deep into these common hurdles, I included specific projects to kick those barriers to the curb and put you on a fast track to success.


Shift from Procrastination to Purposeful Action:

Instead of waiting for that elusive ‘perfect moment,’ you’ll be empowered to take intentional steps toward your business goals.​


Navigate the Information Maze with Ease:

Feel overwhelmed no more! Our guided, project-based learning will help you focus on what really matters.


Unlock the Power of Your Community:

No more going it alone. Learn effective ways to ask for help and how to build a rock-solid accountability circle.


Execute, Don't Just Dream:

Say goodbye to theory-heavy approaches. You’ll be immersed in a real-world business education where action and results are the name of the game.


Experience Hands-On Learning:

Say goodbye to theory-heavy approaches. You’ll be immersed in a real-world business education where action and results are the name of the game.

The most exciting part?

This isn’t just a empty projects—it’s your custom roadmap to success! And guess what? I’m not the only one who’s benefited from this approach.

I’ve guided other go-getters like you to make amazing strides in their businesses too.

So, you’re probably wondering, how does these magic projects work? Right?

Unlock Your Path to a Profitable Offer in Just Three Transformational Phases

Ignite Your Vision

Ready to bring that incredible business offer out of your dreams and into the real world? The Ignite Your Vision Projects focuses on clarifying your unique value proposition and setting your goals. We’ll lay the groundwork that’s infused with focus, positivity, and actionable steps.

Blueprint Your Strategy

Are you tired of feeling like you’re stumbling around in the dark when it comes to creating offers? In the Blueprint Your Strategy Projects, we educate and inform you on how to turn your vision into a concrete, step-by-step plan. We remove the guesswork so you can move confidently toward your goals.


It’s time to solidify your place in the market. The Build Your Profitable Offer Phase teaches you how to effectively use resources, measure your progress, and fine-tune your offer for maximum impact. This isn’t just about quick wins; it’s about creating a sustainable and profitable business offer.

Welcome to…

Modern Offer Hub

Empowerment Hub for women entrepreneurs committed to wealth-building and creating legacy businesses. Transform your groundbreaking ideas into profitable business offers that set you up for long-term financial success.

7 Day Refund Guarantee


Inside the Magic

Here’s the Scoop on What You’ll Master

Project 1

Craft That Million-Dollar Offer

Lay the foundation for your legacy business by mastering the art of putting together offers your customers can’t resist.

Pinpoint exactly what your clients are craving, whip up fresh, mind-blowing solutions, and roll out a value proposition that sets you miles apart from the competition.

Here’s What You’re Gonna Master


Know Your Tribe

Dive deep to uncover what makes your dream clients tick — from their biggest challenges to their wildest dreams.


Idea Factory

Fire up your creativity to churn out ideas that elevate your offer into something truly special and deeply resonant.


The "Why" Factor

Articulate a rock-solid value proposition that doesn’t just talk features, but speaks to the transformative change your offer brings, hitting all the emotional sweet spots.

Project 2

Sell That Offer Like a Pro

Elevate your communication game this phase and become a master at describing why your offer is the key to your client’s happiness and success.

Sharpen your pitch, spotlight those game-changing benefits, and weave stories that aren’t just heard, but felt.

Here’s What You’re Gonna Nail


Pitch Like a Boss

Craft pitches that aren’t just short and sweet but also snag your audience’s attention and don’t let go.


Why You Need This

Lay out the top-tier benefits of your offer in a way that not only resonates but also compels your audience to take action.


The Story that Sells

Spin tales that don’t just entertain but also forge an emotional bond, turning potential clients into passionate advocates.

Project 3

Make Your Offer the Event of the Year

Time to pull back the curtain and present your offer to the world, but not without some show-stopping flair! Get ready to become a launch legend, creating buzz that’s too loud to ignore.

Let’s make sure your offer isn’t just seen—it’s celebrated.

What You’re Going to Ace


Buzz-Worthy Teasers

Learn how to drop hints and teasers that are more like mini events themselves, making your audience count down the days till launch.


Launch in Style

Develop a visual brand for your launch that’s as magnetic as your offer, making every touchpoint a “wow” moment.


The Launch Party Everyone Talks About

Plan a launch event that isn’t just memorable, but sets the stage for your offer to not just succeed but to dominate.

Project 4

Become the Offer They Can’t Refuse

So, you’ve got your show-stopping offer and launched it with pizzazz. What’s next? Let’s talk about making your cash register sing. Master the art of turning “Let me think about it” into “Where do I sign?”

Skills You’re Gonna Master


Customer Journey GPS

Get into the mind of your customer and guide them flawlessly from, “Who is this?” to “Take my money!”


Pricing for Profits and Impact

Discover how to bundle and price your offer not just for profit, but to also make it a no-brainer for your customer.


Seal the Deal, Smoothly

Craft sales copy that’s not just persuasive but also authentic to who you are. Ensure the whole buying experience feels as good for them as their first glimpse of your product.

Project 5

Roll Out the Red Carpet for Your Customers

This isn’t just about delivering an offer. It’s about rolling out an experience that has your customers saying, “I can’t believe I ever lived without this!

Skills You’ll Master, Guaranteed


From 'Buy Now' to 'Wow'

Design an onboarding experience so seamless, your customers will feel like they’re walking a VIP red carpet, right into your world.


Turn Feedback into Gold

Set up a system to capture what your customers are really saying—and turn those glowing reviews into your best marketing tool.


Clients for Life

Master the art of creating loyalty initiatives and exclusive perks that turn your customers into brand ambassadors.

Get instant access to

All of these resources

You’re Probably Wondering,

“Why Should I Choose the Modern Offer Hub?”

Look, I get it—

you’ve invested in programs before and you’re wondering if this will be different. But here’s the thing: Unlike those venti lattes that give you a quick jolt, this investment pays dividends. We’re talking about shifting from scarcity to a lifetime of business confidence and financial legacy.

Here’s What’s Inside to Fuel Your Success


Craft Your Million-Dollar Offer' Workbook (20 Pages)

Go from an idea to a game-changing offer that leaves your customers wondering how they ever got by without you.


Speak Your Value, Loud and Clear' Workbook (26 Pages)

Learn how to articulate your offer so compellingly that your audience can’t help but listen.


Create Buzz-Worthy Announcements' Workbook (21 Pages)

Get the strategies to turn your offer launch into a full-blown, unmissable event.


Make Selling Feel Like Helping' Workbook (21 Pages)

Master the authentic, non-sleazy sales strategies that turn interested folks into committed customers.


Deliver an Experience, Not Just an Offer' Workbook (24 Pages)

Find out how to not just meet but exceed customer expectations, turning them into your brand evangelists.


27 Video Lessons Designed to Elevate Your Game

Get actionable steps and key insights that put you on the fast track to success.


LIVE Q & A for Real-Time Guidance

Stuck? Got questions? Get answers in real-time from someone who’s been there, done that.


Bonus Expert Trainings to Level Up Your Skills

You’re not just building a business; you’re building a legacy.

Total Value = $1508

Today’s Price = Only $7/month

7 Day Refund Guarantee


This Membership Is Tailor-Made For

Two Kinds of Boss Women

The Aspiring Mogul

New to the entrepreneur game? Perfect.

We’re not just giving you a roadmap; we’re giving you a treasure map. From crafting your first killer offer to mastering your sales pitch, you’ll get all the know-how you need to build a business that’s not just profitable but also legacy-worthy.

No fluff, just the real stuff you need to succeed.

The Seasoned Trailblazer

Already running a business but feel like you’ve hit a ceiling? Let’s shatter it. With custom-fit strategies and breakthrough mindset shifts, you’ll get the tools you need to scale like never before. We’re talking about turning your business into a million-dollar legacy powerhouse. And don’t forget, you’ll be part of an amazing community of go-getters who are as committed to your growth as you are.

Total Value = $1508

Today’s Price = Only $7/month

7 Day Refund Guarantee

What clients say

Be a part of the experience

Frequently asked questions

Q: How does your coaching process work?

A: My coaching process is thoughtfully designed to empower and support entrepreneurs on their scaling journey. We begin by jumping into a project that is aligned with your stage in your entrepreneurial journey. Start where you are or join in to learn a new skill. Begin by understanding your unique strengths and challenges. From there, you are guided to take actionable strategies and set clear goals. Throughout the coaching journey, I provide ongoing guidance, support, and accountability, ensuring you stay on track and achieve remarkable progress.

Q: What makes your coaching style unique and effective?

A: My coaching style is rooted in enthusiasm and strategic thinking. I bring a potent blend of legal expertise, sales training, and a finance background, making my approach holistic and results-oriented. By empowering you to embrace your zone of genius, we uncover your true potential, driving transformation in both your business and personal life. I believe in fostering leadership qualities, so you can make informed decisions independently.

Q: Who is an ideal candidate for your coaching services?

A: Entrepreneurs seeking to scale their businesses from 0 to $1,000,000, particularly female entrepreneurs from minority marginalized communities, are perfect candidates for my coaching services. Ideal clients are those hungry for success, enthusiastic about their journey, and eager to achieve financial independence and generational wealth.

Q: What kind of transformation can a client expect from your coaching?

A: Clients can expect a profound transformation in their businesses and lives. With my guidance, you’ll unlock your unique strengths, tap into untapped resources, and witness exponential growth. You’ll develop a crystal-clear business vision, implement effective strategies, and gain the confidence to drive your business forward. Expect to achieve financial independence, provide for your family, and create a legacy that endures through future generations.

Q: Why should someone unsure about coaching decide to work with you?

A: If you’re unsure about coaching, my unique combination of expertise as an attorney, strategic thinker, and business founder will prove invaluable. I’m committed to your success and will guide you with enthusiasm and personalized attention. Working together, you’ll overcome hurdles, clarify your vision, and achieve financial independence. My coaching style is empathetic, empowering, and tailored to meet your individual needs.

Q: What value do you bring to partnerships and collaborations?

A: In partnerships and collaborations, I bring a wealth of expertise, a strategic mindset, and a strong network within the entrepreneurial community. I’m committed to fostering mutually beneficial relationships, driving growth, and creating positive impacts. With my diverse background, I can offer unique insights and contribute to the success of any joint venture or collaboration.

Q: Why should someone invite you for a speaking engagement or a podcast guest spot?

A: As a speaker and podcast guest, I bring a compelling story of empowerment, transformation, and entrepreneurship. My journey from inner-city Detroit to legal practice to successful entrepreneur resonates with diverse audiences, inspiring them to unlock their potential. With a blend of passion, expertise, and enthusiasm, I deliver engaging talks around generational wealth, what it means to be a woman of color and the transformative mindset shifts required for success! I guarantee thought-provoking discussions that will leave a lasting impact on all who listen.

Money Back Guarantee

Q: Is there a money-back guarantee?

A: Yes absolutely! We swear by our training, so much so we offer a 7-Day no-questions-asked money-back-guarantee.




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