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What? Setting up a measurement plan, recurring reports, analysis & advice based on results for a fixed monthly fee.
How? Main measurement tool is Google Analytics. Within setup goals/conversions will be set as well as relevant segments to measure, matching the main target groups of the website.
Why? Clear goals & objectives and measuring their progress is the only way to find out if your website is adding value to your business and meets your expectations.

How does it work?

Generation Squared recognises measurement as a key element of a company’s’ marketing process. Measuring is the only way to really find out if you are doing the right thing and if you are doing it in the right way. Therefore setting up a measurement plan for your website and using it to evaluate and improve your website’s performance is one of the digital marketing products we offer. Our web analytics executives specialise not only in setting up the right tools, but are dedicated to find and analyse the right metrics that really help improve your business performance by way of your website or other online platforms (e.g. social channels, SEO, SEA, marketing automation).

Step 1
We start by analysing the current situation. This could mean looking at statistics that are already available (e.g. a Google Analytics setup or similar tool) as well as a getting a general impression of how the website works and what it’s purpose is. After that we will have a conversation with the people responsible for your website (marketing or sales people, or maybe even an external agency).

Step 2
With the information gathered in step 1 we produce a first draft measurement plan using a Digital Marketing Measurement Model to structure our work. This draft will be discussed with you to make sure it covers all relevant needs and objectives of your business.

Step 3
When the measurement plan is in place the next step is to implement Google Analytics accordingly or apply it to your existing setup. This step includes configuring goals and conversions within GA as well as the creation of weekly and monthly reports that gives you the main stats by way of an automated process. Depending on the complexity of your website and measurement plan this step might need some tweaking and adapting throughout the process based on the results.

Step 4
The fourth step is where the magic happens and where Generation Squared differs from an average marketing agency solely focusing on the numbers. This is where the difference between statistics and insights becomes clear. The automated reports that have been set up during step 3 are analysed by a Digital Strategist from our team that helps you convert the ‘cold numbers’ into ‘warm insights’ that bring your business to the next level. These insights could result in ideas on how to improve your website or even your business. For example we might propose small tests that help you find the right way to approach your clients or to present your products. This step also focuses on the changing behavior of your clients and helps you adapt your marketing and sales processes accordingly. Our team is dedicated to helping you to keep up with the changing needs of your clients and staying ahead of the competition.

Why hire us?

All professionals that work for Generation Squared are fully equipped Digital Marketing specialists. We all have a broad knowledge of the changing digital landscape as well as a specific area we specialise in. The Digital Strategists that carry out this product are all certified Google Analytics professionals with at least 2 years of experience in Digital Analytics in several industries.


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