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In close corporation with Generation Squared our partner Lean Marketing Services developed a multi language SEA service especially for companies that target audiences in multiple countries or have prospects that speak different languages. The main focus of the service is to align region specific campaigns while applying learnings from one area to the other. We do that by forming a team of digital marketeers that work together on your SEA campaigns. For every target language we have a native in the team to ensure we understand the specific wording and language nuances that are relevant for effective advertising. On top of that we also include at least one digital expert with relevant industry expertise.

One contact person

The team use virtual collaboration tools to work together. One of the experts serves as the project manager, being responsible for coördination and meetings. This is usually also the contact person for the client (depending on the preferred communication language).

Quality ensured

Lean Marketing Services ensures the highest quality standards by working only with qualified digital marketeers. All our experts have proven knowledge of digital marketing by way of a renown digital marketing course or extensive experience and hold the relevant certifications for their consecutive area of expertise (e.g. Google AdWords, Facebook Blueprint etc.).

New or existing campaigns

Within this service we offer the possibility of starting from scratch or taking over existing campaigns. We could for example take an existing campaign that runs in one country and start campaigns in other countries based on the data available in the running campaigns.


Invoicing of the service will be done by Lean Marketing Services with one invoice per month for all the campaigns and languages. Several plans are available, depending on your needs. New contracts require a down payment of 50% for the first month to be able to start.


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