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Generation Squared works with partners to deliver the services we offer. To ensure the work done through the network meets the highest quality standards we evaluate our partnerships regularly. The services we offer together with the selected partners are also subject to frequent audits and quality checks.

Our list of partners is currently shaping while we launched recently. Below we will keep an up to date list of all the companies we partner with, as well as a short description of the partnership.

Want to become a partner?

Generation Squared partners with freelance (digital) marketing professionals and small agencies to mutually broaden our services and capacity. If you are interested in becoming a partner, please let us know.

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Lean Marketing Services

Lean Marketing Services logoTogether with Lean Marketing Services we offer a Multi language SEA service. This service offers companies the possibility of running AdWords or Facebook campaigns in different countries of language regions managed by a team of skilled professionals with native skills for the required languages.