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Squared is how we look at the world nowadays. Most of the time it’s our phone that at least supplements our experience, or our tablet or computer screen. Generation Squared stands for all the marketers that have embraced the digital ‘square’ and understand how to reach and communicate with people by way of a growing variety of devices. We acknowledge how human interaction (especially between companies and their customers) has changed and is still changing rapidly as a result of new technology. Our network exists to enable us to share, network and collaborate to achieve better results and keep up with the ongoing digital revolution.

We are a group of well trained marketing professionals that understand recent, current and future worldwide changes that constantly shape and reshape the way companies communicate with their customers. Our members fit the (unwritten) profile of ‘new breed digital marketing professional’ with a proven record of executing digital marketing skills on a high level. 

Our members have a broad knowledge of digital marketing and modern leadership forms that evolved with the digital age we currently live in. Most of our members attended a renown digital marketing course. Our ability to work in virtual teams by way of online collaboration tools sets us apart from almost all other digital marketing professionals.

What do we do?

Generation Squared is a place for digital marketers to come together and share their experiences and support the ongoing process of learning and developing our digital marketing skills. The blog is the place for this knowledge sharing. Generation Squared is also a platform to get to know other people that work in our great industry. Connect through our social channels and groups to help grow and deepen your network.

A Virtual Marketing Agency

In addition to sharing and networking Generation Squared also functions as a ‘virtual agency’ that enables its members to team up and get digital marketing jobs done through virtual collaboration. This unique agency is a great way for companies to extend or even outsource their digital marketing department. For digital marketing freelancers it is a possibility to team up with people with other specialties. The Generation Squared Virtual Marketing Agency elaborates on the experience of its members with successfully executing projects (almost) solely through virtual collaboration. This way of working together enables us to form teams of the best people for the job without the need of having them in the same room every day.

Join the generation

Are you a digital marketing expert and do you want to network and collaborate with like-minded people from all over the globe? Then join us in sharing the beauty of daily digital marketing practice and collaborate with your peers on interesting project you could have never done on your own.

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