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A dreamer with passionate endeavour and minute attention to detail. “The creation of a company that embraces virtual collaboration is my dream”. ‘everything digital’.

Jasper originates from the Southwestern part of the Netherlands. After successfully completing his communication studies at the turn of the millennium he has provided his services to several web and marketing agencies with a short period at Rabobank. A passion for technology, programming aligned with a mixture of experience with creative design work.

Jasper’s genius lies in his ability to marry the technical with the creative. A truly strategic thinker, he helps businesses get to the heart of what they truly need to do to achieve their goals – asking the right questions and putting himself in the shoes of the customer. Agency-side with a number of web and marketing businesses, he has worked on projects that required complex programming as well as creative thinking and designing. He embraced agile project delivery and believes wholeheartedly in the power of collaboration for driving better solutions – which is why we are here!

Lean Marketing Services

Besides his work for the Dutch local marketing agency Nilsson Jasper started his own firm early 2017: Lean Marketing Services. This initiative truly is a playground for one of the pillars behind Generation Squared: the virtual agency. The first service LMS offers is the Multi language Search Engine Optimisation Service.


Jaspers preferred communication tools are e-mail (first contact), WhatsApp and virtual collaboration tools like Google Hangouts, FaceTime and Skype. Please feel free to drop him a note.