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It’s the end of marketing as we know it

So what makes me say that? In my career to date, I’ve been lucky to have had the opportunity to work across various marketing disciplines, in-house and agency side and for wildly varied industries and [...]

Twitter analytics for the time-strapped

You know it makes sense to tweet; with more than 313 million monthly active users globally, there’s bound to be some people out there who want to know about your product. However, using Twitter professionally [...]

Make money from data: become a virtual fruiterer

How do you like them apples? Every business that has a website, which includes almost every business on the planet, sits on a potential gold mine of data: their website statistics. When analysed and interpreted correctly [...]

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We are…

a network of new breed digital marketeers who share, network and collaborate through virtual collaboration to improve their daily work. 

We believe…

  • …that virtual collaboration can replace 90% of the work traditional companies do in so called ‘in real life’ meetings and 1 to 1 conversations between colleagues as well as external meetings.
  • …that especially the B2B services industry (including agencies and consultancies) has a huge potential for efficiency gain by using virtual collaboration techniques.
  • …that by minimising the need of physical meetings a world (take that literally) of opportunities opens to really allocate specific jobs to the right person without geographical requirements.
  • …that highly skilled digital marketing professionals can win back their freedom by working much more independent of place and time.

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